Drawing had her keen interest at a very early stage and over time developed into an important aspect of her identity as an artist.
The first self-conscious step came in 1988 when she enrolled in a drawing course at the Academy of Arts in Willemstad, Curacao
Over the following years she worked as a student of various professional artists and took part in workshops and painting weeks on a regular basis. For eleven years she was part of a steady group of artists who would meet every week for life figure drawing and painting sessions. Contact ‘on the spot’ with the subject of interest is vital for her whether taking her inspiration from a model or working ‘en plain air’. Emotion is always present as a drive and as a link with the subject. She is interested in a wide variety of materials, ranging from watercolours and bistre to pastels, charcoal, and oils. For many years she travelled and lived in various parts of the world.
Since 2000 Erica Mohrmann lives in Veere.